Working with Git2

Using Git2 version

Git2 is a version control system (VCS) where files can be accessed quickly. In the case for Heroku, users will have a local copy of all the application files that is being launched in Heroku. This makes it easy to deploy the application quickly and to identify which files are for a particular version.

Example on use of Git on Heroku applications

Pull files from an existing repo.
> git clone
> cd intense-fortress-90999

Creating a branch and switch to branch
> git branch chatbot1
> git checkout chatbot1

View status
> git status

> git commit -a -m 'made other changes'

Here is a typical process on a folder for use with Git.

 # Initialise Git repository  
 $ git init  
 # Identify status and which files are being track or untracked.  
 $ git status  
 # Add all files to the repository  
 $ git add .  

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